This brand was born from a culmination of my experiences as both a military dependent and a soldier that served on active duty during the Gulf War. Now as a 100% disabled veteran my experiences will be the cornerstone for this movement of change. Failure will be a brand that will change peoples negative perception of failure. The hope would be that the relationship with failure will give people the understanding that without failure, there is no success. Two things that we have found that really hinder personal, spiritual and mental growth is the fear of change and the fear of failure. We will encourage the world to get out and seek failure because failure is where life's biggest lessons are learned.

Failure LLC. will not be pigeon holed as just another apparel brand. We will seek partnerships and relationships with organizations that are looking to create legacies and leave a positive imprint on the world. We will do this by creating a movement through public speaking engagements that will reach into our communities to affect social change. Failure is not just the inability to achieve success at a given time but it is also the refusal to use your voice to affect social change not just in your community but in the world.

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